The 2019 Trip to Austria is currently being designed!

Target travel dates are June 12 - 26 using the Munich airport.  Dates can still change at this point. 

We will visit Vienna, Salzburg, Kufstein, and other places in Austria and southern Bavaria.  Live music, amazing sites, history, mountains, adventures and surprises will all be a part of this trip.   Interested in joining us?   Let us know know so we can keep you updated! 

Like Oma creating her perfect holiday meal from scratch, great care is taken when choosing the activities, adventures and flavors of your vacation.  Not only is there a lot of fun, but  plenty of time to relax and truly enjoy your time away from home.  You'll be able to spend quality time with your loved ones and new friends instead of constantly packing and moving.  Traveling with Lustig Tours, you'll have a wonderful and unforgettable vacation!