Coordinating and Consulting

German / European festival consulting / Entertainment Coordinating

Valina currently coordinates the entertainment for the Tomball German festivals.  She consults for the Galveston Oktoberfest, Fort Worth Oktoberfest, Muenster Germanfest, and others on occasion.

Valina has over two decades experience contacting, booking, and scheduling entertainment for festivals.  She started out as a volunteer helping the Houston Liederkranz put together their Ethnic Fest in the mid 1990's.  By 1997, she expanded to helping the Houston Saengerbung put together Oktoberfest for the Garden In The Heights, and also assisting the GITH managers with Celtic / Irish folk events, including the Houston Saint Patrick's Festival.  Her knowledge grew with her network of German and International performers.  In 2005, she approached the Tomball German Heritage Festival about helping them with their entertainment schedule, and stage logistics.  The committee took her up on her offer, and  began work right away.  Some of the suggestions and changes she made helped the festival springboard from 2000 people visiting in 2005 to nearly 10,000 in 2006.  In 2007, Tomball added a Christmas market.  Both festivals are now enjoying 40,000+ visitors per event.

The years of volunteer work, and her own on stage background gave her the knowledge and maturity needed to do what she does today.  Now she works for Tomball's German festivals as their entertainment coordinator and emcee,  handling 4 stages for them at both their spring event, and Christmas event.  She also coordinated and emceed for the Woodlands Oktoberfest in 2009 and 2010, and the Bellville Christkindlmarket in 2012, and scheduled entertainers for Rudi Lechner's Restaurant from 2013 - 2020.  

Over time, Valina has learned what works and doesn't work for German festivals.  From tent and table placement, to dance floor and lighting needs, promotional ideas, interactive activities, back stage logistics, and the right entertainment to make your event pop.  When you hire Valina for an event, you get much more than just an entertainer / emcee / stage manager / coordinator, you also get a consultant who can help get the event going.

Because of her years volunteering and hands on learning, Valina has experience no school or college can teach.  She also has an extensive network with German and other cultural performers that spans back nearly 30 years. Her husband Ross has also been networking with these entertainers for nearly 30 years.  If you need a good line-up of German, Dutch, Czech, or other European entertainers you can count on, Valina can do the job for you. 

For price and availability, call or e-mail: (area code 713) 598-8317  or