The name translates to "That's Fun" and this German Band based in Houston, Texas delivers.  They perform traditional German and Alpine music with a fresh energetic attitude.  Das Ist Lustig is quickly becoming one of the most requested traditional German folk bands in the southern part of the USA.  They perform in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee and all over Texas, sharing their energetic style with restaurant clientele, festival patrons, and party guests.  They've been described as "Spitze" by the locals in Oberammergau, Germany.   They even incorporate a little Dutch, Czech, Classic country and American variety into the music mix.  Click here to learn more about the band and its members!   Click here to see where they've been!  

Duo, Trio, Dance band or Show band, Das Ist Lustig promises Gemutlichkeit (a good time) for all.  Polkas, waltzes, and two steps are played on accordion, autoharp and traditional Alpine instruments like tuned cowbells, Bavarian xylophone, Alphorn and singing saw.  Drums and / or tuba fill out the sound.  Shows can be very interactive; guests are invited to play the tuned cowbells or other hand held instruments.  With yodeling, singing along, folk dancing, and a little organized chaos, Das Ist Lustig can transform any place into a boisterous musical playground for Kindergarten age to Biergarten age alike!

German style party games, unique team building exercises, and folk dancers are also available by request.

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To see the three or four piece dance and show band in action, watch for them on the Mollie B Polka PartyTo see Das Ist Lustig (the duo) in action, check out their youtube links, or come see them at Rudi Lechner's Restaurant in Houston, Texas, or King's Biergarten in Pearland, Texas.  Call ahead to confirm schedule, or check their calendar for the most up to date information.

For price and availability, call or e-mail: (area code 713) 598-8317;  prostyall(at)

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Mary Grace at the University of Texas ITC (Institute of Texan Cultures') Texas Folklife Festival in San Antonio wrote a letter of recommendation for the duo.